How To Print

MCW MCW Students, Faculty, and Staff

Simple Method (recommended):
  1. Email your document to This puts it in the "Follow Me" queue.*

  2. Walk up to any printer, scan the QR code, release (only attachments will print, not the email message itself).
This method will assume these default settings: double-sided, black & white, one copy, etc.

Additional Method:
  1. Login to (using SNC six-letter ID), click the green button, follow the prompts to send your document to the "Follow Me" printer

  2. Release the print job on the nearest printer using any one of these methods:

    • Walk up to the printer, scan the QR code, release.
    • Walk up to the printer, swipe your SNC ID card (most printers), release.
    • Visit the Print Release ( web site, select your printer from the list, release.
    • Login on the printer keypad with your six-letter login ID, follow the prompts to release.

* When sending your document via email, it must come from your MCW email address so that it knows who you are.
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