How To Print

SNC SNC Students, Faculty, and Staff

Simple method, recommended:
  1. Email your document to

  2. Walk up to any printer, scan the QR code, release.

Additional methods:
  1. You can also send your document to the "Follow Me Printer" print queue by logging into Google Cloud Print and clicking the big red button.

  2. You can also release the print job on the nearest printer using any of these methods:

    • Walk up to the printer, swipe your SNC ID card (if the printer has a card swipe), then release.
    • Visit the Print Release web app (, select your printer from the list, then release.
    • Login on the printer keypad with your six-letter login ID, follow the prompts to release.

Additional Method for Faculty/Staff using a college-owned computer:
  1. If you have a printer installed on your computer, you can use the traditional "File > Print" method. This only works while you're on campus. You may also be interested in this knowledge base article: How To Install A Printer.

Additional Method for Faculty/Staff using any computer:
  1. Login to Google Cloud Print, click the big red button to upload your document.

  2. In addition to the "Follow Me Printer", you'll see a complete list of all printers on campus (if you've used Google Cloud Print before, your most recently used printers will be at the top of the list). Click the printer you want to use. You can also start typing a printer name (i.e. "BOYLE") in the search box to narrow the list of printers.

  3. Follow the remaining prompts to send your document directly to the printer.